Management Philosophy


Bringing smiles to people's faces
through our products

Message from the President

代表取締役社長 李 紅花

I studied abroad in Japan as a student, and then, by a fortunate chance, I started working for a Japanese company and later started my own business. Since my first year in Japan, I have been supported by countless people and Japanese companies.

I would like to thank everyone around me for the opportunity to establish a corporation in Japan, and I hope that our company and products will continue to serve as a bridge between Japan and China and contribute to economic and cultural exchange, however small.

We look forward to your continued support in the future.

Representative Director and President

Guiding Principles

To be a company that supports people's health, beauty, and smiles

 Based on our management philosophy, Mukohi Inc. respects the SDGs, the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. We also promise four "smiles" while keeping in mind the new digital age in which people are connected to the world in an instant.

 It is also said that the advent of the digital age has accelerated the rhythm of people's lives and increased their stress due to the overflow of information. Taking these factors into consideration, we will continue to practice and propose the "5S & 2NS" lifestyle of health and beauty.

Four "Smile" Promises

1. "Promise of Smiles" in the workplace

1) Create a safe, secure, comfortable, and rewarding workplace
(2) Create a stage where individuals can fully demonstrate their talents

2. "Promise to Smile" with Customers

1) We will share joy, anger, sorrow, and happiness with our customers and fight together with them even in a difficult environment.

3. "Promise of Smiles" with suppliers
(1) Develop sustainable raw materials together
(2) Build win-win relationships and grow together

4. "Promise of Smiles" with society

1) We will work on SDGs and actively tackle with sustainable goals
(2) We will act from what we can do as Mukohi, taking into consideration Japan, Asian countries, and the world in general, while trying to achieve co-existence and co-prosperity in local communities

5S & 2NS

Maintain a STRONG mind and body
by continuing to SPORT
, and

try to live


SLOW life,

so that


daily life is always